About Us

I have been engaged in online marketing and Internet commerce before the Internet was born. I started out selling downloadable file access via bulletin boards (BBS’s) and modems in 1981. When the Internet became available to the public sometime around 1986, there was very little in the way of graphics.

During that time, Usenet and text-based applications were the norm. I have spent 26 years watching and participating in the evolution this amazing resource. I watched it bloom from a non-commercial entity to a media that can be used to garner huge profits. On the other hand, it can also leave you broke and disillusioned.

A lot of the information posted on the blog is being sold by others at top dollar. My first thought was to make BrightIMarketing.com a membership site and this may still happen. However, for now I am offering my knowledge and expertise at no cost.

The online marketing tools and information presented on the BIM site get results. Either I have used them successfully, or my associates have used them and achieved. We will never attempt to promise success Рyou will have to make that promise to yourself. The most I can do is offer solutions that have been proven to create long-term success.

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